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Consolidating the gains made in e-Payments, Mobile Banking and Remittances

Helping banks to BOLDLY and CONFIDENTLY confront contemporary Fintech challenges


We are a team of software engineers, bankers, marketing and analytics strategists and managers committed to reimagining and transforming the delivery of banking and banking services in Africa. Our MISSION is to deliver THE FRAMEWORK for a unified e-Payments, e-Wallets and Remittances platform across 40 African Countries

Connect to your existing bank account, mobile money account or e-wallet or join new options on our platform. Our users have OPTIONS and ACCESS.

Access banking and financial products from one app securely, conveniently and seamlesslessly across AFRICA


A single platform addressing


..across Africa. Our platform accounts for the disparities and nuances in regulations across the continent. Countries need not adjust to us, we are robust enough to make the compliance adjustments on our side wherever there is a need.

Any conceivable financial transaction:

any and all

Our users have the means to conduct any and all financial transactions from the convenience of their smartphones. These transaction may be local or international, accounting for variations in languages and forex conversions.

Imagine what it means to have:

freedom and options

With our e-Wallet and Payments solutions, our users get to move around, shop, make payments, send and recieve money, access credit and other banking products seamlessly throughout Africa.

Redefining what it means to be


Providing value through partnerships with our banking and financial services providers across the continent. For our users, LOCAL can be anywhere on the continent irrespective of their access location.


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H/No4 Ajiringanor Road East Legon | ACCRA GHANA

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CEO and Co-Founder


Albert has over 17 years of experience working in the Banking, Finance, Big Tech, Logistics and Big Pharma sectors at various levels in software engineering at companies including IBM, Credit Suisse, Fidelity and GlaxoSmithKline. He also has VP level experience managing teams spread across different geographical locations and comes to this engagement with an appreciation and passion for the long-term view and big picture strategy development. He's a native of Ghana and is a keen advocate for the strategic adoption of technology to advance economic transformation in Africa. He has a computer science(B.Sc.) degree from Drexel University, Pennsylvania and has also studied law(LLB) at the University of London. Albert is an avid reader who hopes to be a kindergarten teacher in his next life.

CTO and Co-Founder


Didier is currently a software engineer at Altares Dunn & Bradstreet, a global pioneer in analytics and big data based in France. Didier has more than 5 years of experience leading teams in Big Tech. Before Altares, he was a software engineer for Cyrus Conseil, a French wealth management firm and for Scutum Group, an electronics security company also based in France. He previously held positions at the engineering firm Technip and the logistics firm Geodis. Didier has a Masters degree in Software Engineering from SUPINFO International University in France. He was a finalist at the 2016 Paris Tech Startup Weekend for Africa competition. He's a native of Cameroon and is fluent in English and French.

COO and Co-Founder


Terence currently owns Frames Projects management Limited and previously owned Frames IT Projects in the Netherlands, specializing in prepaid card services. Terence has over 25 years of experience in Project Management and New Business development. He has worked as an analyst in Unisys Netherlands NV, Marcus Evans NL and several other companies. He has also managed several projects in prepaid card services and coordinated the setup of Quantor Netherlands BV, a prepaid credit cards issuing company, trained by Oberthur Card Systems in the Netherlands. Terence is a native Ghanaian who has lived in the Netherlands for 35 years and has several certificates in card services and EMV payment systems. Terence is committed to building the best payment system infrastructure in Africa.

Chief Communications Officer


Brigitte has over 25 years of experience in international relations and worked as an Attaché with the Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 15 years in 3 African Countries. As an international consultant in political, economic and financial intermediation she has immense experience in international relations and a network of political affiliations across Africa. She is fluent in 3 Languages that covers most of Africa. French, English & Swahili. Brigitte is a Belgium National with roots from DRC Congo. Brigitte is committed to ensuring that we build the number one payment system in Africa.